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Reinhold Adscheid

Reinhold Adscheid

Reinhold Adscheid's work derives from the self-imposed question: How would the world be like, if we were able to see it from different positions in time and / or space simultaneously ?

The result is not an image of something, but is itself a four-dimensional space-time bubble and the viewers themselves can and has to move themselves through this maze of a virtual-real object. Or they may simply be fascinated.



Dirk Groß

Dirk Gross

The spirit of our time is goal-oriented. Dirk Gross' art conceals what seems to be beautiful, the philosophy that the shared experience of solitude counteracts self-knowledge. Each of us goes his own way and yet all these paths are to be found in a common world. They are superimposed, interwoven, like a network. The Internet is the visualization of this aspect in the external. Behind, in between, and under all this concoction lies the truth of every single individual, waiting to be lifted like a treasure. Gross is attracted to the philosophical epoch of Romanticism, which sees every aspect of creation interconnected and interrelated. Gross' art is full of imagination and wants to be stimulating and inspiring alternative to gray everyday life.

Gross' collectors say, "Your pictures make me dream ..."

Gross says, he can not hope for more.



Amelia McMurrin

Amelia McMurrin
Amelia McMurrin says, she is most alive and most herself when she's pointing out the things she sees to friends, "orangey light shining off an old road in late afternoon, fingers of sunshine creeping across the grass in the morning, neon reflections shimmering out of rain puddles." She's had people tell her that they started stopping to watch sunsets after they became friends. "This is who I want to be and my dream for my artwork - that it would help people to see unexpected beauty around them, to believe that there is hope, to breathe a sigh of rest and relief," says Amelia. Through her work, she looks to bring attention to the intermingling of hope and longing experienced when we see truly beautiful things, and to help people experience this sacred longing - selige sensucht - in the mundane as well as the fantastic experiences of daily life.



Matthew J. Frock

Matthew J. Frock

Matthew J. Frock's formal art education started early with private lessons at twelve-years. In 1997 he earned an BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design and 10-years later earned an MFA in Painting from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, USA.

Matthew J. Frock says, his paintings are "true abstractions." They consist of the light and color that make up the subject and the space it occupies. The artist notes, "Our philosophy says we're the only beings on Earth capable of appreciating a sunset. I'm not sure that's true, but real beauty is arresting and if you keep a sharp eye, you will find it everywhere." Frock says, sometimes he finds himself stopped to admire a display of light and other times it's the orientation of a set of objects and sometimes it's the people. He says he often recalls these instances of beauty when painting. His work is frequently generated from memory but occasionally uses his own photographs as a reference. His paintings could be considered a reflection of his thinking or a place he'd like to return to. Frock says, the creative process is a form of mediation and source of mystery for him.



Brigitte Kratochwill


"Concentration - contemplation - metamorphosis traces of life - tracing a life"

In recent years these were the themes of Brigitte Kratochwill's paintings that kept coming back. She speaks of painting as a journey into her subconscious. She integrates sensory experiences into the painting process, "What emerges is a confrontation with something like a reflection of my soul." She searches for suitable forms, structures, colours, hues/shades and sensitive surfaces. Much gets rejected, altered. Letting go of cherished aspects in a picture plays a major role. These overpaintings allow an intended multilayered quality to evolve, a search for what is essential, a process of reduction, of coming to rest. "I employ my individual capacities to express truthfulness, coherence, visual authenticity."

By applying many layers, Brigitte Kratochwill achieves the surface structure which she envisions. She intentionally overpaints finished parts of the picture to get to the essence. That which is hidden underneath, in a certain way always stays noticeable.






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